Order poppers in few simple steps.

1. Go ahead and pick the bottles you want to order.
2. When you have picked your huffables click on ''Shopping cart'' and proceed to checkout as usuall.
3. Click on '' Pay by PayPal, CreditCard, Digital invoice. Agree to terms and click ''Order with obligation to pay''
4. Type your email address in the field "e-mail for digital invoice" and SUBMIT ORDER.

Now we are making digital invoice and it will be sent to e-mail address provided in step 4. We are trying to send them out multiple times per day but it could take as long as 24 hours.

5. Check your e-mail from PayPal and ''ABC International''
6. Click pay. If you are using PayPal continue with logging in your account or Click ''Pay with Credit or Debit card. (click sign up if there is no other option and you should be able to pay with card)

If by any chance you want to pay for you order with ''Bank transfer'' just send the amount to our account (Information availalbe in the invoice) , just dont forget to use the invoice number as payment refference.

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